Social Media Success Through Employee Advocacy

An exclusive webinar by SuccessFlow’s Samson Kovacs and Martin Fuchs at Oktopost


A majority of brands today aren’t utilising their biggest marketing asset: their employees. The concept of employee advocacy has been around for some time, going back well before social media and the Internet became popular. In the past few years, “employee advocacy” has become quite the buzzword in the HR world, and many companies are scrambling to implement an advocacy programme without understanding some core concepts that make a program successful.

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  • Over a third of attendees voted lack of social media training as their biggest social advocacy challenge
  • Over 50% of attendees would like help setting up an employee advocacy programme
  • Over 90% of attendees are interested in having a social employee advocacy strategy

Martin Fuchs

Account Executive at Oktopost


Martin is an account executive at Oktopost and is passionate about helping B2B marketers bridge the gap between their social media efforts and their ROI. Before Oktopost, Martin has 11 years’ experience in the online/mobile advertising industry and holds a BA in Psychology from Beloit College.

Samson Kovacs

Digital Marketing Consultant at SuccessFlow

Samson Kovacs is a digital marketing consultant for SuccessFlow. He is certified by the Institute of Digital Marketing in Social Media Strategy and provides digital marketing consultancy for global multi-sector companies. Samson helps his clients transform their digital strategy through tactics that fall under the Smart Insights planning framework. Co-Author of The Complete Guide to Webinar Success, Samson is skilled in all manner of webinar management, specialising in webinar production and using social media integrated with webinar marketing.